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The Time Has Come!

I just got a NEW CAMERA! Therefore, expect photos soon. Also, I graduated! I am now the proud new owner of 2 undergraduate degrees and thousands of dollars of loan debt. 

untitled on Flickr.What I’ve been doing instead of photos…


I’ve been on hiatus from this project for a while now. I’m really busy doing design and research all the time, I’m doing two degrees at once, and doing a double senior project is temporarily taking over my life.

Once I have more time to dedicated to photography I’ll be back in full force. So around… late May. Or, you know, probably sometime before I die. 

Water Statistic - 6/52 on Flickr.Lige 52 - Week 6
Regeneration II - 5/52 on Flickr.Lige 52 - Week 5
Regeneration I - 4/52 on Flickr.Lige 52 - Week 4
Love Is the Every Only God - 3/52 on Flickr.
Dreams of the Sistine II - 2/52 on Flickr.Lige 52 - Week 2 
Dreams of the Sistine - 1/52 on Flickr.Lige 52 Project - Week 1.